We are happy to customize the cleaning to your needs if you just tell us, but here is what most customers want us to do on a typical cleaning:

clean the bathrooms – tubs/ showers/ toilets/ sinks/ counters/ tiles/ floors

and the kitchen – counters/ appliances/ sink/ floor/ check cabinets

dust and vacuum, mop and wash all carpets and floors

pick up trash (just tell us where you want us to put it when we are done)


/refrigerator (inside) – we do a quick check for any spills but if you’d like us to take everything out and clean all shelves and drawers we can do that as a special project

/cabinets – we do a quick check of kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and if we have time we can do a more thorough job

/dirty dishes – most customers want us to use the time to clean not to wash dishes, so if there are dirty dishes in the sink we usually just rinse them and put them aside (so we can clean the sink) but If you want us to wash them or put them in a dishwasher just let us know

/oven – we don’t clean it on a regular cleaning but if you need it done that would be an extra project, and if you have a self-cleaning oven it’s best to run it earlier so it has time to cool down before we come and then we would just wipe it

/beds – we make the beds (if they are not already made) and if you need the sheets changed pls put clean set on the bed and we will know what to do

/windows – we check for spots and clean them as needed where we can reach. We don’t do outside windows and we don’t climb ladders. We also clean glass on front and patio doors (on both sides weather permitting)

/basement – if the basement is finished we do a quick clean, let us know if you don’t need it done or if you want it done just once in a while

/laundry room – we wipe appliances and clean and floor

/chandeliers – we can gently check for spider webs with a feather duster but if you need a more thorough job there are specialized companies that do that (usually window cleaning guys)

/breakables – like porcelain and glass shelves – we normally don’t touch them at all unless we make special arrangements

So that’s what the typical cleaning looks like. We can also do a deep cleaning – which basically means we spend more time on the details, corners, hard to get places, or special projects. For regularly scheduled customers we can also do quick cleanings that can save you money so if you are interested ask for more details.


either because we aren’t equipped to do them or because we consider them too dangerous to do:

/we don’t climb ladders – but a small stepstool is ok

/we don’t use certain strong or dangerous chemicals, like for example ammonia or stove cleaners. Those are dangerous for everybody, our employees and for the environment and can cause a lot of damage. We actually don’t really need them and we can get good results with less toxic substitutes

/we don’t handle animal or medical waste – but we can clean around litter boxes (we expect the house to be picked up before we clean)

/ we don’t move heavy appliances like refrigerators, washers or dryers, or heavy beds or mattresses, but we can help you if you move them. We are usually able to clean under furniture or couches without moving them but if you need us to move small couches we can make special arrangements

/we won’t clean houses when there is an indication of any infestation

In general we reserve the right to refuse any job or part of a job for any reason that we are not comfortable doing. If you think that any of those above would apply to you please let me know in advance and we can discuss it and see if possible that we can find an alternate way.