We were featured in the City of Chicago Community Land Trust article on Spring Cleaning!

We were interviewed for a newsletter of City of Chicago Community Land Trust. Here is the excerpt from the article:

Homeowners also tend to think of cleaning their homes in the spring,
at least cleaning them in deeper and broader ways than they have in a

Customers of the home cleaning service Maid 1 often ask to have their
patios and porches cleaned, since they will be using those areas of
the home for the first time in several months, says Marek Slomczynski,
who co-owns the service with his wife, Sylvia. “Winter is over, and
all of the sudden people want to spend more time on the patio,” he
says. “We will clean the outside furniture.”

Although there’s no specific reason to do so during the spring,
homeowners often ask the Chicago-based service to have appliances like
ovens and refrigerators cleaned, which Slomczynski says probably only
need to be deep-cleaned once per year. But other “deep cleaning” items
like blinds and baseboards probably should be done more often because
otherwise the buildup of crud gets harder to remove, he says.

Maid 1 customers rarely ask for a “spring cleaning,” per se,
Slomczynski says. “Most people that talk about spring cleaning are
people who don’t have a service,” he says. “They don’t do it
regularly, so they want to get caught up.”

The blog on Maid 1’s website offers a basic checklist of spring
cleaning that includes removing spider webs, wiping appliances and
ceiling fans, cleaning woodwork and windows, and clearing out and
cleaning smaller spaces like kitchen drawers and bathroom medicine
cabinets. The full list is at HTTP://WWW.MAID1.COM/CLEANING-BLOG/

Check out the CCLT Newsletter .