Should I tip the maids?

If you use for your house cleaning tipping is neither expected nor required. With us it’s simple and straightforward: you pay the quoted price – no hidden fees, no surprises. It doesn’t matter if it’s one time or regularly scheduled cleaning, the same rule applies. We do have a once a year voluntary contribution to a Xmas fund, but that’s another story.

If you feel you want to show appreciation for our hard work you can do it in a variety of ways. Simple thank you, a nice note or a compliment on a job well done will make our day. On hot days some customers might offer our women bottled water or a choice of soda, and we appreciate it. You can also write a nice review for our business online. It’s always great to hear that we have made somebody’s life easier!

Some customers still insist on giving our maids tips, and that’s fine. Maybe their work was exceptionally great, or they had to work harder than usual. Maybe your A/C broke down and we had to sweat a bit more. Those situations are unique and that would be an exception.