Setting up House Cleaning Service with

your questions answered.

How do I know I can trust you?

We have been around since 1982 cleaning homes in Chicago and North Shore area. We have references that we can provide upon request. We are insured and bonded. You can also check our reviews here and here.

We are not in the business to make money and run. We want to be your long term choice for reliable and professional house cleaning. We guarantee our work.

How much will I pay? 

Use our Super Quick Price Estimator to get an idea about how much we would charge to clean your house. In general we charge by hour. We have 1 hour minimum based on a 3 person team (another words 3 labor hours). You can see our current specials here. Three labor hours is usually enough to clean a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment.

For a two bathroom home you might need 4 hours, and 6 hour is good for three bathroom home. If you need more time you can buy additional time in 15 minutes increments, at your discretion.

Keep in mind that if your house has not been cleaned professionally recently it probably will take longer that first time. With you can put a limit on how much you pay, as long as you understand that we will do our best in the time that you purchased and that it might not be perfect. We can talk about those choices when you call.

How do I get started with

You can fill out “Let’s Get Started” or “Contact” form or  call us at 847 238 2485. If we are not picking up please leave a message and I will call you right back. To set up a cleaning it should take just a few minutes, and we can then schedule a day that works for you and for us. I will also be able to give you an idea of how much it will cost right then.

Do you come to … ?

Here is our service area map.

How long will the cleaning take?

We have a team cleaning approach so we are in and out quickly, anywhere from 1 hour for a small apartment to 2 or 3 hours for a bigger house.

How do I pay you?

At this point we accept cash, checks and electronic payments like Chase QuickPay and Zelle. We do not accept credit cards, which allows us to save some money and pass the savings to you. Payment is expected at the end of the cleaning.

When can you come?

We work from Monday thru Friday typically between 7:30 AM and 5 to 5:30 PM (occasionally later). When we set up appointments we start by asking what would work for you, and then try to find something that also works with our schedule. We need to know what days work for you, but also what range of hours works for each of those days. The more flexible you are the easier it is to set up an appointment.

What about cleaning supplies?

We can use our supplies or yours. There is a surcharge to use our chemicals, rags, and vacuum cleaner, but it’s free on the first cleaning. After that you can decide what to do.

We ask you what you prefer to use in your house, and we can make suggestions if you’d like. We use gentle chemicals, that are safe for humans and the environment, but we know how to use them to make your house sparkling clean.

Do I need to be home when you clean?

On the first visit it’s best if you can be at home at least part of the time. It makes sense for you to be there when we start so we can gather some information, and at the end so you can check that everything is looking good.

After that it’s up to you if you want to be at home. If you decide that you are comfortable leaving us in your home it’s fine, but then we have to figure out how we get in. You can consider leaving a key in a lockbox or giving us garage code. We can talk about it at any time.

Do I have choices when it comes to cleaning my home?

Of course. Don’t need basement done – no problem. Need to change sheets – just leave clean ones on the bed. Need to reschedule or skip cleaning – just text me a few days before – no charge, no problem. Want to use your vacuum cleaner or chemicals – we figure it out during our first appointment. We are very flexible and we customize our cleaning to your needs.

Do you come out to give me an estimate?

We do estimates by phone. When we first talk I will give you an idea of how much the cleaning will cost, but you can also put a limit on how much you will pay and say for example: I want to try you for 3 or 4 hours. This way there are no risks and no surprises. This process saves both you and us time, and let’s us keep our prices low.

It’s all fine and great but what is that lake and dead grass doing on your logo?

I’m not sure if that works, but the lake was supposed to convey feeling of peace of mind that you will have when you hire us for your house cleaning needs. And the grass – you know – organic?

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